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$669 includes ASIC fees

Company Registration on our law firm’s website

Your new Company Registration is vetted by our lawyers before it proceeds via our direct connection with ASIC.

The incorporation of a company with ASIC is an important legal transaction. This is why we afford it this extra level of care and attention to detail for your Company Registration.

Six Advantages of using a law firm website

The top 6 advantages to using Legal Consolidated for your Company Registration:

  1. 94% of incorporations happen within 25 minutes of you building and paying for the document
  2. Our lawyers personally vet the details before they are submitted to ASIC
  3. When required, we contact ASIC to confirm your company name. ASIC’s working hours are 8:30 am to 7:00 pm (EST) Monday to Friday
  4. What if your company name is unavailable or challenged by ASIC? We contact you by telephone and find one that is available
  5. You receive a secure, personalised email containing
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Company Constitution
    • All minutes
    • Letter on our law firm’s letterhead
  6. As always, our hints and training videos guide you. The law firm is available 24/7 by telephone for legal advice on how to build your document

For more legal advice telephone us. We are a law firm. We can help you answer the questions.

Incorporate a company Australia checked by law firm

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