Are funeral wishes in a Will legally binding?

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funeral wishes not in a your will are funeral directions in wills binding

Are funeral wishes in a Will legally binding?

Are funeral wishes in a Will legally binding? The funeral wishes in your Will are not legally binding. Your executor is not required to follow them. Do not clutter your Will with directions for your funeral and remains. Your Will has to take a journey. It goes to the Supreme […]

Fixing mistakes in a new company. ASIC Form 492 – Request for correction

Fixing mistakes in a new company. ASIC Form 492 – Request for correction If you make a mistake on a form that you have already lodged with ASIC, you can lodge an amendment. This is by preparing and lodging a Form 492 – Request for correction. Use this form if […]

Curse of the Post Office Will

The ‘Curse’ of the homemade Will “On numerous occasions when dealing with so-called homemade wills, I have observed they are a curse. Homemade wills which utilise what is sometimes known as a ‘will kit’ are not much better. This case proves the point. The disposition effected by the will is […]

Divorce and POAs

Is a POA revoked when you separate or divorce? Divorce and marriage generally ends your Will. However, separation does not affect an existing Enduring or Lifestyle POA. Does the Power of Attorney appoint your ex-spouse as your attorney? While QLD and the ACT have special rules, separation and divorce do not […]

Cryptocurrency in a Legal Consolidated SMSF deed

Legal Consolidated’s SMSF Deed, SMSF Deed updates and Investment Strategies are drafted to comply with the: Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth) (SIS Act); Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994 (Cth) (SIS Regs). Legal Consolidated SMSF Deeds allow for the investment of Cryptocurrency. But, whether you should invest in Cryptocurrency is a question […]

Hotchpot Clauses vs Equalisation clauses in Wills

Dangers of a Hotchpot Clause in a Will – Re CosierDeceased Estate Equalisation in Wills are bad We want to treat our children equally. In our Wills, we put in an Equalisation clause. Or we put a Hotchpot clause in our Will. But neither an Equaliatation nor Hotchpot clause in […]

Do foreigners pay CGT on Australian Family Trust assets?

Two cases sadly hold that foreigners in Australian discretionary trust must pay taxon gains made on Australian assets. But these are assets that are not “taxable Australianproperty.” The Australian Family Trust sells some assets. The trust makes a capital gain. from the sale The assets are shares. They are not […]

Do Marriage and Divorce revoke your Will?

Does getting married destroy your Will? What if you separate from a marriage or a de facto relationship? Does it affect a previously made Will? Getting married? Does it affect your Will? Usually, marriage revokes your Will. Marriage cancels, nullifies and destroys your current Will. Therefore, if you die as […]