Introduction for Dr Brett Davies’ presentation

Introductory note for Dr Brett Davies’ presentation

Adjunct Professor, Dr Brett Davies

Adjunct Professor, Dr Brett Davies is the tax partner of the national legal practice LegAdjunct Professor Dr Brett Davies legal consolidated barristers & Solicitorsal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors.

They are Australia’s only law firm providing legal documents online.

Brett is Adjunct Professor at The University of WA law school. He is also Adjunct Reader at the Curtin Business School where he lectures both the Estate Planning and Superannuation units.

Brett gives back to the tax community. He has sat on the Tax Institutes’ national Education Committee. He has also sat on both the Law Society’s and Law Council’s Tax Committee.

Brett has 7 degrees including 4 law degrees. He has both a Doctorate in tax law and an MBA.

Brett listed his previous law firm on the ASX in 2007. He was the second person in the world to do this.

On the law firm website, Brett has authored over 2,000 articles and over 1,250 videos. He is a co-author of Thomson Reuters’ Australian Financial Handbook.

Will Brett make lawyer jokes obsolete? I hope not because …. ‘what do you get when you cross the Godfather with a lawyer? – An offer you can’t understand!’

Please welcome Professor Brett Davies…

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