Can Family Trusts override the Family Court?

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Can Family Trusts override the Family Court?

Family Trust v’s Family Court As tax lawyers, Legal Consolidated structures clients’ affairs to legally reduce tax burdens. We are also asked to: consider asset protection if you or your business goes bankrupt or insolvent draft 3-Generation Testamentary Trust Wills to reduce the four Australian death duties put Divorce Protection […]

Married man marries sex worker

The songwriter Richard Clapton, in 1975, warned: Girls on the avenue, they’re trying to get you in, Strolling by with their rosebud smiles. Sadly, Mr Sha didn’t heed such advice. While living with his wife, in Melbourne, Mr Sha engaged the services of a young lady with a ‘rosebud smile’. While […]

Reversionary Pension to love child

Muriel’s husband died a few years ago. At 54 she fell in love again and was the oldest mother in her city. She called her love child Colin. Her two oldest children, Ian and Brian, are successful engineers. Muriel’s assets are all in her Self-Managed Super Fund. As the sole director […]

Binding Financial Agreements – are they still legally binding?

Binding Financial Agreements (BFAs). Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors no longer does BFAs. To date, not one of our BFAs has ever fallen foul of the Family Court or other Courts. We have stopped doing BFAs while we have a 100% success rate. The Family Court keeps looking at new ways to […]