WA Letter of Demand & Writ – build on law firm website

 A WA Letter of Demand gives you justice. You did some work. Perhaps you lent someone money. They now don’t want to pay you. They know it costs thousands to use a lawyer. A debt collector costs a fortune. Our law firm changes this. You don’t need to see a lawyer to recover your money. Build the WA Letter of Demand & Writ. You get:

  1. Letter of Demand
  2. Western Australian Writ
  3. Our letter to you confirming the above

What you do:

After you build the Letter of Demand and Writ:

  1. post the Letter of Demand and Writ to the person that owes you the money.
  2. if they don’t pay, then you take the Writ to the WA court. They arrange a Bailiff to serve it.

Letter of Demand on our Law Firm letterhead?

This document produces a Letter of Demand with your name and details on the letterhead. Instead, you can build the Letter of Demand on our law firm’s letterhead. The Demand Letter is then built on our law firm letterhead. It carries more weight. The cost is higher but you may get a better outcome from the Defendant. The choice is yours.

1. Why send a Letter of Demand and Writ to the evil debtor?WA Letter of Demand and draft Writ, WA Demand Letter & draft Writ WA Letter of Demand and draft Writ, WA Demand Letter & draft Writ

It shows:

  1. the person who owes you the money (Defendant) how serious you are about recovering the debt.
  2. that you are not afraid to pursue the matter in court
  3. clearly: how much you are owed, who owes it to you, why they owe it to you and how long they have to pay you the money.

If after 10 days of receiving the Letter of Demand your Defendant does not pay then you lodge the Writ at the Court.

2. Why is a Demand Letter important?

To improve your chances of winning in court, send a Demand Letter to the client before you start legal proceedings. The Demand Letter clearly sets out what you want.

There are plenty or hints and training videos as you build the document online. For more legal advice telephone us. We are a Western Australian law firm. We can help you answer the questions.

WA Letter of Demand and draft Writ, WA Demand Letter & draft Writ

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