Don’t be quick to write-off bad debts

Instead of writing off your client’s bad debts, what about your clients collect them instead.

Prepare Letter of Demand on our law firm’s letterhead together with the Writ. See Sample here.

After your client builds the Letter of Demand and Writ, they:

  1. post the Letter of Demand and Writ to the person that owes the money.
  2. No payment? Then your client takes the Writ to the court. The WA court organises the Bailiff to serve the Writ.
  3. you now have the required evidence for the tax office to write off the debt for 30 June.

These are the 3 most asked questions about Letters of Demand and Writs.

1. Why is a Letter of Demand and Writ sent to the Defendant?

2. Why is a Demand Letter important?

3. What is a Plaintiff and Defendant?

There are 15 training videos to educate your client on how to recover their money.

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