Build Codicil online to Remove Public Trustee from your Will

Remove Public Trustee but keep the ‘free’ Will – build Codicil online


A nice person, from the government, gave me a ‘free’ Will

Remove Public Trustee

How ‘free’ is the government Will?

Did the Public Trustee make your spouse and children the Executors? Did they then quietly slip in the “Public Trustee” as an Executor as well?

As Executor, the Public Trustee charges a percentage of your estate.

You paid tax all your life. Now the government wants to take a percentage of what is left in Executor fees.

Whether alone or with others the Public Trustee charges as your Executor. As your Executor the Public Trustee makes money. Instead, most people appoint their family members, only, as Executors.

Normally, in Australia, your spouse and then children are the Executors. Who do you trust more? The government or your family?

Build a Codicil online. Remove Public Trustee as Executor. The Will still operates, but with your own Executors.

The Public Trustee is a Death Tax

The Public Trustee is a Death Tax

The ‘free’ Public Trustee Will is often drafted without advice from your accountant or financial planner. Did the Public Trustee contact your accountant or adviser for advice? In my view, the Public Trustee should not be giving financial planner or accounting advice. This is irrespective of what the legislation allows it to do.


Can I remove my lawyer and professional trustee as Executors?

It is not only the Public Trustee that tries to make money out of being your Executor. Some lawyers and professional trustee companies attempt to make themselves Executors. Build the Codicil online to remove them as well.

Can I get back my physical original Will?

You have the right to get your original Will from the Public Trustee, law firm or professional trustee. You don’t have to give them a reason. Often, you and your spouse may need to pick them up personally. (They won’t make it easy for you.) Take in your passport and drivers licence. You need to first listen to a long story about how it is better to keep the original Will with them to ‘help your loved ones’. After that, by law, they must hand them over.

Build your Codicil online here. Telephone us for help in answering the questions.

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