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Statutory Declaration

Tell the truth and nothing but the truth in a Statutory Declaration. Australian Judge Einfeld got three years jail for lying about a $77 traffic fine.

You are a bit naughty if you write something down knowing it to be untrue. Many people tell white lies, or worse. You can’t do that in a Statutory Declaration.

If you sign a Statutory Declaration knowing it to be untrue then you risk jail. Australian Judge Einfeld got three years jail for lying about a $77 traffic fine under oath.

Why is the Statutory Declaration free?

We provide 100s of Australian legal documents online. In fact, we are the only Australian law firm to provide legal documents online. This document gives you a taste of the service you get when you build a legal document on a law firm’s website. Enjoy the free sample. We hope you come back.

Why is a Statutory Declaration so powerful

People are more likely to believe you if you swear it in a Statutory Declaration. A Statutory Declaration carries weight. If you lie in a Stat Dec then you risk jail.

The declaration is a statement of fact. It is the truth to the best of your knowledge and recollection. It is important that you only state what you know as true. Don’t draw conclusions, make assumptions or guess. Just tell the facts.

Start building your Stat Dec on a law firm website. For free.

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You get:

  1. Statutory Declaration – print off and sign
  2. Covering letter on our law firm letterhead explaining how to sign the document

Every document comes with a Sample (see above) so you can see what you are getting.

Start building the Stat Dec now. Come back a few days later and pick up where you left off.

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