Our law firm witnessing your POA over Skype

Our law firm witnesses your Enduring Power of Attorney, Medical POA and Guardianship POAs

Our fee to witness Australian POAs over Skype is $220. That is for both you and your spouse, for as many POAs as you need to be witnessed. To put the matter beyond doubt, the total cost to witness all your POAs is $220 including GST. However, this must be done at the same Skype meeting. If there is a second Skype meeting we charge another $220.
We only witness POAs prepared by Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors. (Note: we do not witness Wills via Skype.)

Where can we build Enduring POAs?

There are 8 different types of Enduring POAs. Each Australian State and Territory has their own versions. You can build them here: https://www.legalconsolidated.com.au/enduring-poa-introduction/

Where can we build Medical POAs, Guardianships and Directives?

There are 8 different types in Australia, depending on what State or Territory that you need. Build any of them here: https://www.legalconsolidated.com.au/medical-power-of-attorney-intro/

A Medical POA is also called:

  • Enduring Power of Guardianship – Western AustraliaTasmania and New South Waleslaw firm witnesses australian law firm via skype
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – Australian Capital Territory
  • Advance Personal Plan – Northern Territory
  • Advanced Health Directive – Victoria
  • Enduring Guardianship
  • Medical Enduring POA
  • Advanced Care Directive – South Australia
  • Advanced Health Directive – Queensland

To instruct our lawyers to witness your POA over Skype:

Build on our website and print out all the POAs that you require. (Don’t send us any copies of the POAs.)
And then email our Estate Planning lawyer: brett@legalconsolidated.com.au with your:
1. Credit card number: …………………………
2. Name on credit card: ……………………….
3. Expiry date: …………………………………..
4. Three different dates and times for our lawyers to Skype with you: …………………..

5. Your Skype address: ……………………………….


 1. In Skype invite or send a ‘wave’ to: brettkennethdavies. (If you don’t like Skype just give the details of another service).
2. Have your Drivers Licence or similar to show our lawyer over Skype.
We bill your credit card $220 and give you a time and date that suits you.
Once signed in front of the lawyer over Skype:
1. you post all the signed POAs to Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors
2. the lawyer that witnessed the POAs over Skype signs the POAs
3. we then post you back the POAs (we don’t keep any copies)
4. we close the file

What if we or the people we nominate are overseas?

That is fine. We can witness any Australian POA irrespective of where you are.

What about the Donees?

The persons receiving your POA are called the Donees. If you are a couple (e.g. husband and wife) then we also witness your acceptance of your partner’s POAs. This is at no additional cost. (Again this is provided you are both at the same Skype meeting.)
Also, if there are any other donees at the Skype meeting with you, then we can also witness their signatures for no extra charge. Again this is only if they are at the same Skype meeting with you. If they are not at that Skype meeting we charge an additional $220 for each subsequent Skype meeting.
(Note, in some States you don’t need a lawyer or similar to witness the donees’ signatures – in such States any adult can witness the donee’s acceptance of your POA. And in some other States there is no witness at all for the person’s accepting the POAs.)

Why do we need a lawyer to witness our POAs?

For all States, other than New South Wales, there are many people who can witness your POA. These often include an accountant, financial planner, local pharmacist, Justice of the Peace etc…
Strangely, New South Wales POAs generally need a lawyer or the Court to witness your POA. Or you may be overseas.
For more help just telephone us.
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