Dr Brett Davies’ Thesis – Business Succession Planning

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Dr Brett Davies’ Thesis – Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning Quick links: Dr Brett Davies’ thesis – Click here Business succession planning manual – Click here Estate planning manual – Click here Business Succession Planning Question: Dear Dr Davies, I am a financial planner specialising in business risk. I was hoping that you would make available your PhD thesis on […]

Binding Financial Agreements – are they still legally binding?

Binding Financial Agreements (BFAs). Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors no longer does BFAs. To date, not one of our BFAs has ever fallen foul of the Family Court or other Courts. We have stopped doing BFAs while we have a 100% success rate. The Family Court keeps looking at new ways to […]

SMSF Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common

SMSF Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common – Which is better? Question: SMSF Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common is a common discussion. I agree that Joint Tenancy is generally dangerous because of the CGT regime as per your previous PRUDENCE (2nd Edition) article. However, should Trustees in an SMSF own […]

Court rewrites Will to save tax – Court-authorised statutory Wills

Court rewrites Will to save tax – a novel remedy for crazy people Each of the States and Territories allow the making, revoking and varying of a Will. But only if you lack testamentary capacity: South Australia: section 7 Wills Act 1936 (SA) ACT: section 16A Wills Act 1968 (ACT) […]

Super binding nomination messed up 3 times in Munro v Munro

Super Binding Nomination wrong three times in Munro v Munro Mr Munro, a lawyer, loved his two daughters from his first marriage. As in Cinderella, his second wife did not feel that love. His Will gave $350 000 to his second wife and the remainder of his huge estate to […]

Joint tenancy is old fashioned and dangerous. Is tenants in common better?

Joint tenancy is old fashioned and dangerous Joint Tenancy vs Tenants in Common Tenants in common: each owner holds their discrete share of the asset outright. It can be 20% and 80%. Or can be 50% and 50%. Or is can be 34%, 6% and 60%. But it must equal […]

Farmers lose the tax incentive to be creative – R&D offset claims – Taxpayer Alert TA 2015/3

Our friends at the ATO have seen fit to crush any new approaches to farming with their latest anti-farmer  – Taxpayer Alert TA 2015/3. The ATO (and also AusIndustry couldn’t help getting into the act) are threatening primary producers in the broadacre farming sector about not claiming the R&D Tax Incentives. This […]

Self Managed Super Fund – Think outside the box

Self Managed Super Funds – Think outside the box Checklist: SMSF? Worth under $6m (net business assets) or $2m turnover? Interest in property to a maximum value of the maximum concessional contribution? ‘Business’ property? A Self-Managed Super fund is a like a day old baby; it needs a lot of […]