Pitfalls to Property Development in an SMSF and how to address them

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Pitfalls to Property Development in an SMSF and how to address them

Pitfalls to Property Development in an SMSF and how to address them You may be shocked to know there is no ban on property development in a self-managed super fund. In fact, engaging in property development through an SMSF can be a highly beneficial strategy. However, compliance with the superannuation […]

SMSF member overseas or of unsound mind? 47% tax penalty. POA to the rescue?

POAs and SMSFs To operate a complying SMSF you must: 1. live in Australia; and2. be of sound mind. 1. Leave Australia: Your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund must satisfy the 3 residency tests. One of those tests is that ‘central management and control’ of the SMSF remains in Australia. However, the […]

In-house asset rule – but you can lend money to a cousin

Your Super Fund can’t lend money to a ‘related party’: Superannuation Industry Supervision Act 1993 (SIS Act). This is the in-house asset rule. The ATO does not want you or a ‘related party’ to gain a benefit from your SMSF. The wealth in your SMSF is for your retirement only. […]

Can you offer ‘free’ SMSF setup? ASIC attacks SMSF promotor

[smartslider3 slider=13] &nbsp ASIC attacks SMSF promotor, but is it fair? Good old ASIC has successfully applied a penalty on a business seeking to set up your SMSF for ‘free’ – but then charging you $1,100 per year. The ASIC $10,800 slap on the arm is because the advertising of ‘free’ […]

Asset Protection strategies

Asset protection is a philosophy and way of life Asset protection is a lifetime pursuit. Asset protection is an ongoing journey. If you are truly ready to start the journey your life changes. Everything you do is tested against the best practice of asset protection. Work through this webpage. You […]

The most tax effective Business Structures

I want to run a business. What is the best business structure? These are the building blocks of a business structure:  company – in trade in its own right company – as trustee of a family trust company – as trustee of a unit trust family trust – where there […]

Business Succession Planning Manual

Business Succession Planning – Buy/Sell Agreements The importance of Business Succession Planning: there are approximately 2 million small businesses in Australia. Many such businesses operate with more than one owner who together may manage the small business. An owner may die or suffer from a disability and be unable to continue to […]

Making the ATO happy – 4 issues to consider for SMSF Investment Strategies

Legal Consolidated prepares pro-forma SMSF Investment Strategies that seek to comply with the ATO’s current perception of best practice. To keep the ATO happy: Keep the Investment Strategy simple and flexible – the ATO is more likely to find non-compliance in complex Investment Strategies. Include the words ‘consideration of diversification, […]