Accountant disrupts $3b debt collecting industry

Now the Adviser and Accountant does debt collecting

Many businesses don’t have the time and resources to recover debts. Often they are too hard to collect. As accountants well know, over $3b of debt is written off every financial year in Australia.

The debt collection industry is under the clutches of Debt Collectors.Accountant does debt collecting

However, the natural controllers of cash flow, finance and debt recovery are the trusted accountant and financial planner. They have the relationship with the client – not the debt collector. Debt collectors rarely understand the nature of the client’s businesses. Now the Accountant does debt collecting.

This industry is ripe for change. Accountants and advisers are no longer willing to hand their clients over to a Debt Collection Agency. These Agencies know little about the client and their business.

Accountant does debt collecting

Over 1,200 Australian accountants and advisers use Legal Consolidated’s website to build Letter of Demand with Writs. It is a ‘tech-centric’ solution for a fragmented and archaic industry.

accountant does debt collectingWithin 7 minutes, the accountant and adviser build a Letter of Demand on our law firm’s letterhead. It comes with the Writ. Now the trusted adviser and accountant does debt collecting. See a Sample here.

Never before has the accountant and adviser been able to use a law firm’s website to build legal documents. You are confident that the author of the legal document is the law firm. Whether is a Will, Family Trust or Company, our documents are protected by our law firm’s PI insurance.

Accountants and advisers are welcome to telephone the law firm to build the first Letter of Demand & Writ for free on our website. We also help you answer the questions as you build the document.

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