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    Adjunct Professor, Dr Brett Davies


Family Trust Training Course Adjunct Professor Dr Brett Davies Legal Consolidated

Welcome to Legal Consolidated’s Family Trust training course.┬áThe course is for accountants, financial planners and lawyers.

I am an adjunct Professor, holding seven university degrees including a doctorate in Estate & Succession Planning. Since 1988, I have specialised, as a lawyer in Estate Planning, Superannuation and taxation.

I am pleased to offer a certificate of accreditation from Legal Consolidated. This is on completion of the online Estate Planning training Course.

  • Click on the blue button and watch the training video
  • After you watch the video you will be invited to build 3-Generation Testamentary Trust Mutual Wills
  • Lock and Build to purchase the Mutual Wills and get your Completion Certificate

The Family Trust Training Course explains:

  1. How is succession planning achieved in a Family Trust?
  2. Why do we need a Settlor?
  3. Appointor vs Trustee – which one is god? Which one is a puppet?
  4. The new Streaming rules after Thomas v FCT [2017]
  5. The new ATO approach to Bamford’s Case
  6. Why should Appointors be forced to act unanimously
  7. Why banks won’t lend to a Family Trust unless the Deed contains certain wording
  8. What does a Bank loan Compliance Certificate on our law firm’s letterhead look like
  9. A full sample of a Family Trust Deed

The Family Trust training course empowers you to build Family Trust deeds on our law firm’s website, for your clients. You provide the financial planning and accounting advice and charge your clients for that advice. You can be confident and secure in the knowledge that we, and we alone, are providing the legal advice.

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Adjunct Professor, Dr Brett Davies, CTA, AIAMA, BJuris, LLB, LLM, MBA, SJDFamily Trust Training Course Adjunct professor Dr Brett Davies Australia
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