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Accountant disrupts $3b debt collecting industry

Now the Adviser and Accountant does debt collecting Many businesses don’t have the time and resources to recover debts. Often they are too hard to collect. As accountants well know, over $3b of debt is written off every financial year in Australia. The debt collection industry is under the clutches […]

Accountant & Adviser’s reviewing client Wills – 8 questions to ask

  Reviewing client Wills each year Estate Planning and Wills are primarily the concern of the Accountant and Adviser. You know your client. You see your clients at least once a year. The end of financial year is a good time to sit down with your clients and review their […]

Can you abandon a gift in a Will to keep the pension?

Can you abandon a gift in a Will to keep the pension? The Financial Planner carefully structures Mary’s affairs. Mary receives a $1 pension and Concession Card. But then, Mary’s mother dies. Mum’s Will leaves everything to Mary. The inheritance costs Mary her $1 pension and Concession Card. Mary has […]

Go bankrupt lose Super? Bankrupt widow keeps Super

Go bankrupt lose Super? Bankrupt lose Super. But isn't Superannuation protected from bankrupcty? The 3 common safe havens to protect assets from insolvency are: ‘Clean skin’ Family Trusts (eg, doesn't employ people) Low-risk spouse (eg. spouse is a school teacher) Superannuation With huge wealth moving into Super the Trustee-in-Bankruptcy has its […]