Trust splitting for your family trust

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Trust splitting for your family trust

Trust splitting is a common term for an arrangement where separate trustees are appointed over different assets of an existing discretionary trust. Each trustee is typically controlled by a different party. The intention of trust splitting is to produce a structure where each trustee is able to deal with the […]

Appointor insane? Family Trust succession planning

Family Trust succession planning Many assets don’t go into your 3-Generational Testamentary Trust Will at death. These assets do not go into your Will joint tenancy superannuation (well not automatically) cross-owned insurance Family Trust assets (except for loan accounts). My doctoral thesis was on succession planning. And I can tell […]

Can I extend the vesting date of my trust?

Can I extend the vesting date of my trust? Based on old English law the government does not want a trust to go on forever. This is because it may end up that no one is looking after the assets in the trust. Therefore, in all States, other than South […]

Old family trust deeds – 6 problems

  Revamping old Family Trust Deeds 6 Problems with old Family Trust Deeds and how to fix them Your old Family Trust is like your car. It needs updating from time to time for: Streaming provisions Franking credits Attribution to distribute capital gain Extension of the Capital Gains Tax regime […]