NSW Power of Attorney – 5 changes to the law

NSW Power of Attorney changes under the Power of Attorney Regulation 2016 on 1 September 2016.

What are the NSW Power of Attorney changes?

Any NSW Power of Attorney built, after 1 September 2016, using the old rules will not work. The 5 major changes are:

1. Restructuring how the appointment is set outNSW Power of Attorney changes
2. Allowing for two or more attorneys to act jointly and severally (ie one of them can act separately) or just jointly (ie if one dies then POA does not work, must act together)
3. clearer rules of conditions and limitations
4. witness must now provide their address
5. specific rules on giving notice of revocation to a bank




NSW Power of Attorney changes – get a lawyer to update

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1. retain legal professional privilege
2. benefit from the law firm’s PI insurance
3. get legal advice and we can even help you answer the questions
4. access a Sample of the document with Explanatory Notes
5. receive a letter on our law firm’s letterhead explaining the document that you built

Build your NSW Power of Attorney here: https://www.legalconsolidated.com.au/enduring-poa-introduction/

View Regulation: http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/#/view/regulation/2016/548

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