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How to sign a will in quarantine

How to sign your Wills when you are in quarantine Due to the Coronavirus best practice is to not be with strangers or non-family members. However, […]

Family Trusts – extra duty and land tax surcharges on foreigners

States punish ‘foreigners’ in family trusts for stamp duty and land tax We amend Family Trust deeds to exclude foreign persons from being beneficiaries. However, we believe […]

How to legally murder a person in Australia, legal suicide

How to legally murder a person in Victoria Action films take murder lightly. With the use of a gun or a knife; a person’s life can […]

Australian pets in Wills

Pets in Wills I grew up with dogs, cats, birds and other pets. They are now an important part of our son’s life and development. Australia has one […]

Is your employee Mental Health Policy up-to-date?

Australian employers pay out over half a billion dollars each year for work-related mental health conditions.  For the first time, a State government has set out […]

Is my Australian Will valid for overseas assets?

We are forever travelling. I spent two years with my wife and son to complete my doctorate in tax and estate planning in England. Many of us […]

Can you steal money using your parents’ Power of Attorney?

Why make an Enduring Power of Attorney? The person receiving your POA is the donee. The donee stands in your shoes. Whatever you can do, the […]

Extra stamp duty when Family Trusts with foreigners buy Western Australian land

The Western Australia government follows other Australian States by starting a stamp duty surcharge on foreign persons. See the Duties Amendment (Additional Duty for Foreign Persons) […]

Do all Casual Employees now get Annual Leave? Some casual workers, are not casual.

Do all Casual Employees now get Annual Leave? Just paying your employee as a casual is not enough. You need a complying Employment Contract. To see […]

Pitfalls to Property Development in an SMSF and how to address them

Pitfalls to Property Development in an SMSF and how to address them You may be shocked to know there is no ban on property development in […]

Many binding death benefit nominations don’t work. But not for the reason thought. Narumon case

Build these SMSF documents online SMSF Deed – built over 18,000 times Special Purpose Company – to be trustee of SMSF Convert old Company into a Special […]

You get 2-year period to sell a dead person’s home tax free – self assess for a further 12-months

ATO’s discretion to extend the 2-year period to sell a dead person’s home CGT relief from selling the main residence more than 2 years after death […]

Is demanding a medical certificate in an employment contract legal?

Is demanding a medical certificate in an employment contract legal? Stephen Campbell is a wharfie crane driver. He took amphetamines and opiates. He came to work. […]

Special Disability Trusts – avoiding Centrelink deprivation rules

Special Disability Trusts – useful for only one thing Special Disability Trusts (SDTs) started in 2006. The legislation allows families to give private financial help. This […]

What happens if the SMSF Trustee can’t legally own the asset?

A Trustee of Self-Managed Superannuation Fund is obliged to have all SMSF assets in its own name. For example, the Nasution SMSF Fund owns a farm in […]

Who builds your SMSF Deeds? A law firm or a non-qualified supplier

I have been preparing SMSF Deeds since 1988. As an Adjunct Professor, I have lectured at universities around Australia for over 19 years in superannuation. In […]

Distributing to a non-resident beneficiary in your Family Trust – it just got harder

A modern Australian Family Discretionary Trust has 100,000 of beneficiaries. They have no rights so you make the class of beneficiaries as wide as you can. […]

Family Court v’s Child Loan Agreement.

Family Court v’s Child Loan Agreement Does your Loan Agreement stand the test? Rowntree v FCT [2018] FCA 182 states that only a legally prepared Loan Agreement completely […]