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Build Codicil online to Remove Public Trustee from your Will

Remove Public Trustee but keep the 'free' Will - build Codicil online   A nice person, from the government, gave me a ‘free’ Will Did the Public Trustee make your spouse and children the Executors? Did they then quietly slip in the “Public Trustee” as an Executor as well? As […]

Five simple Asset Protection strategies

Business owners, doctors, farmers and professionals face constant exposure to lawsuits and insolvency. Professional Indemnity insurance is restrictive. You bet the house on a successful outcome with every client who comes in the door. Like professionals with insurance, anyone who owns rental or commercial property is also a common target […]

The most tax effective Business Structures

Business Structures: Family Trusts Trusts for Business Be careful in which “vehicle” you buy or build a business or asset. You can run your business as a sole trader, partnership or through a company via a Family Trust or Unit Trust or a combination of the above. You may buy […]

Business Succession Planning Manual

Julio and Wendy, have two children. Julio (55) is in partnership with his good friend Peter (32). Julio and Peter run WestParts. It makes great machine parts. Peter does all the sales. Julio is the technical boffin. They make a formidable force. After 7 years of hard work, and frugal […]

Estate Planning Manual – avoid the 4 Australian Death Taxes

Every year, Australian tax payers voluntarily pay the Tax Office millions of dollars in “Death Taxes”. Are you going to be one of them? Proper Estate Planning ensures that your estate goes to those you care about, and not the Tax Man. Does the “Simple Will” protect your family? Many […]

Drafting Div 7A Loans – ATO’s 4 concerns

The ATO has just audited my new client’s Div 7A agreement. It did not go well. Many Div 7A Loan agreements are not ‘commercial’ and therefore not valid based on 4 common drafting errors: The Div 7A Loan must be signed as a ‘Deed’ not as an ‘agreement’. 'Agreements' require […]

A new way of defining Trust Income for fixed trusts – AMIT

A new way of defining Trust Income for fixed trusts - AMIT The Federal Government is kindly giving Trustees of fixed trusts a new way of calculating trust income, distribution and attributions. This is under the AMIT (Attribution Managed Investment Trust) rules. It starts 1 July 2016, but you have […]

Reversionary Pension to love child

Muriel’s husband died a few years ago. At 54 she fell in love again and was the oldest mother in her city. She called her love child Colin. Her two oldest children, Ian and Brian, are successful engineers. Muriel's assets are all in her Self-Managed Super Fund. As the sole director […]