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How to use 4 secret trusts

What is a Bare Trust? Firstly, what is a ‘trust’? Trusts became fashionable when King Henry VIII was on the throne. So much so that he attempted to reduce their tax benefits – without success. Here is an example of a ‘trust’. When your son is born you open a […]

Son lost the farm to his sisters – Family Trust guilty

Dying Dad’s Family Trust had a farm (worth $2m) and two apartments (worth $2m each). Dad said ‘you girls get a $2m apartment each, the boy gets the $2m farm – it is all fair’. The girls said nothing. Upon Dad’s death all 3 of his children became the co-Appointors. […]

Are Employment Contracts a waste of time?

The accounting house built Employment Contracts for each of their accountants. The accounting house didn't waste time getting Employment Contracts for secretaries. Joanne joined the accounting firm as a secretary. She typed letters for the managing partner. She was instructed to send gifts to the client's wives. She was obliged […]

Crowdfunding kills brokers – accountants and advisers take over

Bypassing the stockbroker, mum and dads, aided by the adviser and accountants can directly invest in public businesses and start-ups. The Crowd-sourced Funding Bill issues in a new stream of business for advisers and accountants to help Australians invest via equity crowdfunding. However, the proposed legislation is too restrictive. Only […]

Tax by Stealth

Tax by stealth - the shameful growth of the Australian tax system The Australian tax system has changed significantly since the end of the 19th century. The six colonies raised the bulk of their tax revenue from selective customs and excise duties. The original design of the tax systems of […]

Legal Consolidated commits AUS$1m to Australian Start Up School


Dr Brett Davies judge on reality TV show “Start-Up School”

We have some exciting news at Legal Consolidated. Dr Davies is going to be a reality TV judge. Check out the trailer for the show below:

Top 5 most read hints this week

One of the most unique features about our document building process is that each page has hints written personally by Dr Brett Davies and designed to assist the building process. Here are the top 5 most clicked hints: 1. From the Family Discretionary Trust - What is the difference between […]