99.6% of Super Funds in Australia are SMSFs – SMSF statistics

2014-15 SMSF statistics – 1/3rd of Australia’s Super is in SMSF

Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors and the ATO releases this year’s SMSF Statistics.

1. What is the percentage of SMSF accounts of all Super Funds?

SMSF statistics

53% of SMSF are set up for accumulation. 47% for pensions. SMSF statistics

99.6% of funds in Australia are SMSF funds

2. Of the $2.1 trillion in total super assets in Australia. What is the percentage in SMSFs?

29% of all Australian super assets are in SMSFs. With total SMSF assets worth $622 billion.

3. What was the growth of SMSF fund accounts in last 5 years?

Within 5 years the number of SMSFs grew by 31% to 577,000.

4. The average return of SMSFs in 2014/15?

In 2014-15, SMSFs experienced a positive return on assets of 6.2%.

5. What percentage of SMSF assets are geared?

Six percent of SMSFs hold assets via Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBAs). This was in 2014-15. The previous year was 5.7%. LRBAs continue to grow. They are easier to set up with banks or where mum and dad lend the money to their superannuation fund.

  • The value of assets held under LRBAs as a proportion of SMSF assets: 3.4%.
  • Real property makes up over 90% of the value of LRBA investments.
  • The value of SMSF borrowings was to 2.8% of total SMSF assets. This is at June 2015.

6. The average age of Australians starting SMSFs?

The SMSF statistics show that the median age of new members in new SMSF funds is decreasing. In 2015, the median age was 48 years compared with 55 years in 2011.

7. What is the number of SMSFs Deeds provided by Professor Brett Davies?

Since 1988 Brett Davies has overseen the building of over 18,000 SMSF Deeds in Australia – mostly online. We are the largest supplier of SMSF Deeds and variations in Australia.

8. What SMSF documents can you build online

Build these SMSF documents online
SMSF Deed – built over 18,000 times
Special Purpose Company – to be Trustee of SMSF
Deeds of Variation   – Change Trustees & Members,  Update Deed for new SIS Laws, including Binding Nominations and PDS
Binding Death Benefit Nomination – non-lapsing, never needs updating
Investment Strategy – SMSF, ATO Audit friendly
SMSF Commercial Lease Agreement

9. Why is it safer to build legal documents on a law firm’s website?

We are the only law firm website in Australia providing legal documents online. Benefit from:

  • law firm PI insurance
  • legal professional privilege
  • free legal advice on building the document
  • document sample with Explanatory Notes
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10. What percentage of SMSF are set up for accumulation vs pension phase?

In Superannuation you accumulate wealth for your retirement. This is called the accumulation phase. When you retire you draw down from your superannuation to fund. This funds your lifestyle during your retirement. This is called the pension phase. Our SMSF statistics show 53% of SMSFs are set up for accumulation. The remaining 47% are set up for pensions.

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