Update the Family Trust for Bamford streaming only:

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Or, update Bamford streaming PLUS update the rest of the Deed:

Or update for Bamford streaming PLUS the Deed PLUS update the Appointor & Trustee:

Or just update the Trustee:

Or just update the Appointor:

To set up a new Family Trust Deed:

To prepare the Annual Trust Distribution Minutes:

To deal with Division 7A (loan or UPE from your company to the Family Trust):

Or, to forgive the 'loan account' and UPEs (loans from humans to Family Trust):

Change the name of your Family Trust:

To wind up and vest the Family Trust, when you no longer want it:

Deeds of Variation for Family Trust - build online Price
1. Streaming Update - only update Family Trust Deed for Bamford & streaming $295
2. Update - Complete Family Trust Deed update - streaming Bamford PLUS new tax & trust laws $330
3. Change Appointor, Trustee & Complete Deed Update - Bamford PLUS Deed PLUS Appointor PLUS Trust. Make all changes at once $495
4. Change Appointors only - even if Appointors dead - no resettlement $330
5. Change Trustees only - remove without their consent $295
6. Change Family Trust Name $330
7. Remove foreigners for NSW $170

Why are Family Trust Deed Updates important for my Accountant?

Your Family Trust Deed is like your car. It needs servicing to keep it up to date. Family Trust Deed Updates are important for:

  1. the definition of 'Income'
  2. Bamford case
  3. succession planning for Appointors and Trustees when they die
  4. Capital Gains Tax Changes

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Family Trust Deed Update

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