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Our law firm empowers accountants, financial advisers, lawyers and the community to build their own legal documents.

Who are we?

Adjunct Professor, Dr Brett Davies set up the first online legal document website in Australia. Our law firm offers 380 online legal documents. They include Self-Managed Super Funds, Companies, Family Trusts and Wills.

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Over 6,500 accountants, financial advisors and lawyers regularly build our online Wills and legal documents. We provide hints and training videos as you build the document online. Watch our free training videos:

In these are the most popular documents built by advisers and accountants:

Are financial planners and accountants allowed to build legal documents on a law firm's website?

Legal Consolidated online documents - Five Benefits

1. Law firm Professional Indemnity insurance

People using a non-law firm website don’t get law firm Professional Indemnity insurance. Non-law firms merely re-sell a law firm’s template. In contrast, your client is directly and fully covered by our law firm’s Professional Indemnity insurance. They are protected as a client of our law firm.

Example: Incorporating a company

When you build a company on a non-law firm website you get a Constitution. This is a Deed. Only a law firm can legally prepare Deeds.

What if there is an issue with the Constitution? Neither you, nor the non-law firm website have insurance to prepare legal documents. In contrast, when you build a Company on our website, our law firm provides the company Constitution.

Your client is directly protected by our law firm Professional Indemnity insurance. Our law firm is responsible for the drafting of the Constitution.

Example: Power of Attorney

What happens when a person builds a POA on a non-law firm website? The POA is a deed. Only lawyers can prepare deeds. What happens if there is a dispute over the POA? Who carries the law firm PI insurance?

2. Each document you build comes with our letter confirming that we authored the document

Every document you build comes with a letter signed by a partner of our law firm. This is for your due diligence file. The letter is addressed to your client. It confirms:

  • that our law firm authored the legal document (not you the accountant or financial adviser); and
  • how the document works
3. Lawyer-client privilege

Lawyer-client privilege protects information between the lawyer and their client. The Court cannot demand documents and sensitive information from the lawyer.

Lawyer-client privilege protects your client’s confidentiality. In contrast, the Court can direct non-law firm websites to hand over sensitive information and documents.

4. Legal advice as you build the document

When you telephone Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors you speak to a lawyer. We help you answer the online questions. In contrast, a non-law firm website can’t give legal advice.

5. We can ring your client to explain the document

During the building of the document, you can select the option to have us telephone your client. The cost is $200. After you have built the document we are automatically notified. We ring your client. We explain and answer any questions your client may have regarding the document. You are welcome to be on that telephone call.

Please telephone us for help answering the questions.

Adj Professor, Dr Brett Davies,  CTA, AIAMA, BJuris, LLB, LLM, MBA, SJD
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