The Business Development Kit you are building empowers you to provide extra services to your clients. You get:

1. This Kit. Copy and email from it as you require. Your Kit is available in both PDF and in MS Word. You can log back in and go to ‘Your Documents’ to download the document again, if you need to. Each manual is badged with your name to demonstrate your skill in these areas.
2. A one hour meeting over the telephone, Skype or in person with me personally on any legal or marketing topic –┬áthe time is yours. I charge $660 per hour, so enjoy that benefit.
3 A full refund of the cost of the Kit if you did not add $50,000 worth of additional revenue to your practice within 12 months.

You can build many of the legal documents on our website. Because you deal directly with a law firm’s website, you:

1. retain legal professional privilege
2. benefit from the law firm’s PI insurance
3. receive legal advice from us
4. receive with the document a letter of advice on our law firm’s letterhead

All our documents, including this one, come with a 100% Money back guarantee.

Please use the Business Development Kit to develop and market your practice. I stand ready to personally help you reach that extra $50,000 in revenue over the next 12 months. Telephone me now and let’s get started.

You can see a full Sample of the document by selecting the above “Sample” button.

If you need some help with building this document, or any document, just telephone us.

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