Update SMSF Name online

Why change SMSF Name?

If the SMSF name doesn’t really do anything why change it? It is not registered anywhere. It is just a nickname to help the Accountant, who may be looking after 100s of other SMSFs, identify mine a bit quicker? Why change SMSF Name?


Update SMSF name for when:

1. correcting spelling errors (e.g. Smitth Super Fund)change SMSF name update superannuation fund name change name of a superannuation fund

2. your husband has died (e.g. Coral & Ted Smith Superannuation Fund)

3. your spouse has divorced you (e.g. Joanne and John Lee Super Fund)

4. your name is not as clever as you first thought (e.g. Scrooge McDuck Super Fund)

5. your name may upset the ATO (e.g. Get out of Tax Superannuation Fund)

6. your parents may have died and you now want to remove their names from the Superannuation fund

Any stamp duty or taxation issues when updating Superannuation Fund name?

There are no taxation issues when you update the SMSF name. With every document, you build on our website you get a letter on our law firm’s letterhead. The letter confirms there are no taxation issues when you correct the SMSF name.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regulates Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. You need to let the ATO know within 28 days of changing your Superannuation Fund’s name. Our covering letter that you get with the Deed to update your SMSF Name has a link to the form that the ATO requires you to complete.

What do I get?

The Change SMSF Name includes:
1. Trustee resolutions
2. Deed of change of SMSF name
3. Notification of change of SMSF name
4. On our legal practice’s letterhead other relevant information including link to the ATO form

We are Australia’s only law firm providing legal documents online.

Benefit from:

  1. law firm PI insurance
  2. legal professional privilege
  3. free legal advice as you build document online
  4. document sample with explanatory notes
  5. law firm letter confirming we authored the document.

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Update SMSF Name Self Managed Super fund update name

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