Making the ATO happy – 4 issues to consider for SMSF Investment Strategies

Legal Consolidated prepares pro-forma SMSF Investment Strategies that seek to comply with the ATO’s current perception of best practice. To keep the ATO happy:

  1. Keep the Investment Strategy simple and flexible – the ATO is more likely to find non-compliance in complex Investment Strategies.
  2. Include the words ‘consideration of diversification, cash flow, risk, return and liquidity for the fund’s members for asset allocation’.
  3. The Trustee signs review minutes for each and every financial year.
  4. Keep ranges in the investment classes sufficiently wide (if your investments are outside the range the Auditor would generally need to report the non-compliance to the ATO).

Let us protect you, your advisers, accountants and auditors before you lodge your SMSF for your yearly audit.

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